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I hug you the way I want to be hugged.  
I kiss you the way others kissed me -
 And I I had become addicted to their mouths -
 As I am addicted to you now.

  I tell you sweet words, 
Even though it's not my kind to do it.
Words kill traces of lipstick at parties.
Music kills words when 
I don't want to hear lyrics...

Which blame me and make me
 Feel uncomfortable, 
Thinking how many times I made
The same mistake in such a short time -
Loving the same person a thousand times
 Like the first time with full confidence
 But with my heart full of doubts
 And hate for myself - loving you wrong.

I catch your thin fingers 
Between my trembling fingers.
 Outside my skin, the sun caught a cold,
And your blood begins to flow over my veins -
Tablelands of lava... ice cream inside my cells.

 I warm them again with my hot breath - 
Summer in autumn, 
Autumn in hearts and love with storms.

 Seasons mixed with our sick feelings.  
We are drunk after that kiss, feeling dizzy.  
I am not even 10% of what your heart requires.
 If you have patience, you can see
 The good part of my bad thoughts, my love!


  • Sep 09, 2021

  • Well done. 🤍

    Sep 09, 2021

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