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My enemies are good friends.
My girlfriend, the only stranger
Who claims to know me better than myself.
It cannot be true when I do not know
All that I am, that I have been.

  My parents, the ones I don't talk to about
How I feel, whether I'm dead or alive.
I'm just someone who was born
In this devilish world -
Where money makes satan the savior
And we become his slaves in the end.

But dark thoughts flashed through my mind,
But the pain crucifies my mouth.
But I find thousands of "why"?
When I want to try,
But I feel like I'm not good enough
And I want to give up
And die to escape "alive" -
Out of this world,
Out of their memories,
Apart from this torment.

I shut up and pretend I'm fine,
I know that one day everything will end,
My life, my desires, the sick love
That covers my bones and steals
The air of others - better than me.


  • Sep 09, 2021

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