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it's the texture and the
  entire aroma combined with
《the attitude vs the reality》
  and my jury has long been in.
the only detail I've got nailed down
  in the new religion
  i've been working up is that
  some appropriately whorish
  red coloured lipstick
  some potent micrograms
  of pure lsd twenty-five
  and legitimately rapturous music
  combine to form the
  new nexustantiation/
  dynamic force of cosmically
  charged gender magicks
  and sensory warptation
  that is our new
  sacramental formula
turbo charged guilt free
  willfully voluntary
  and personally tailored access
  to all binary states of
  esoteric transcendence
in other words
  our congregation will eschew 
  dogmatic snap response training
  in favor of consensual 
  ritualistic exploration and
  experimentation lit up and
  magnified by our sacrament

pardon the capitalization 
  but it's significant
we aim to
  Live Spiritual Discovery
  Xperience True Consciousness 
  Discard Mendicant Training
  Take Healing Constantly

take drugs to make music to take drugs to 


  • Ramu P

    Ramu P


    Sep 07, 2021

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