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In life we all go thru change
Some are major than others 
Its hell going thru the storm and rain
Was so far down I couldn't pull up my brother 

Everyday I'm struggling
Trying to remain a float
You wonder why I'm bugging
But refused to take notes

You made it about you
Didn't give a damn about how I feel 
Only God brought ME THRU
So this is the life I live

I life that's torn
Fueled with so much pain
Wondering why I was born
But I'm not walking in shame

Plots of my enemies
They all had to fall
None of this is new to me
God kept ME THRU it ALL 

Taking back my title
With dirt on my name
Nobody but Jesus did the revival
Broke the curse THAT DONE in vain 


  • Ramu P

    Ramu P


    Sep 07, 2021

  • Sep 09, 2021

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