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  • When there is something hurting
And no-one is around , you're all alone …. You want some to be there so you can express it  but you're wordless…
You can't even cry because what if someone  saw you..
You cant even tell  it  cause
what if someone didn't get you …
 At that time all the shits in your head won't make any sense to others , but you're going through it . This is something you can't even express but you are feeling it…  
You're wishing please someone find a cure for it asap ,
you  cant take it anymore you're done . At this point you are fucked and heartbroken…
You're broked from deep inside….
You just want him/her badly no matter what at any cost  into your life .
And from here your fight with world begins…


  • Ramu P

    Ramu P


    Sep 07, 2021

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