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I sang for the angels of Heaven,
 But they were already asleep. 
I prayed to God but, 
He didn't give me
 What I've been looking for.
I'm still waiting...
Praying for those things.

  I crawled like a worm, 
I made my life hard.
 I was left alone when I needed 
Someone by my side.  

I knocked on closed doors,
 Asked for help,
 Returned to where I left -
 Crying like an old man 
Rivers of tears falling over the mountains, 
Salt over sweets.
Sweet over salt.

With my soul in pieces -
 Shards of glass on my skin, 
Feeling exhausted,
I hope to find the way to take my life back.


  • Sep 06, 2021

  • Well done.

    Sep 06, 2021

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