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I'm done with relationships 
You wanted to be a cheater
But No matter who you're with
You're still my bottom feeder

Yet everytime she kisses you
My pussys on your lips
Can't no bihh do what I do
We different from the hips

Just know he's not urs it's just ur turn
He's still my leftovers
Fucking with me you gon' learn
He's still breathing on my shoulders

Every time I call
He always comes running
I held him up and didn't let him fall
That's something you can't take from me

You steady playing make believe
While In the shadows of my world
He's so into me he couldn't leave
Yet you think you're his girl😜🤣


  • alex stonebraker

    Alex Stonebraker

    solid poem. you're beautiful, too. fine poets rule!

    Sep 07, 2021

  • hello

    Oct 01, 2021

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