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Throughout my childhood life 
I lived in a happy life 
didn’t know everything about adult life 
never know I had all of my flaws and mistakes 
didn’t get anything get to me 
when my puberty hit 
in my teenage years, 
I started to have the feeling 
of a teenager 
didn’t notice myself have a massive crush 
on a teenage popular boy, 
he used to be my distraction
when I came to the adult world. 
Didn’t notice there a person 
who have a massive crush on me, 
you started to have feeling 
for me, 
I become your distraction 
in your life 
we jump into a relationship 
without thinking 
about another one year 
you notice everything wrong with me 
didn’t know everything about me 
want to open the door 
let you know that I have learning disability 
if I could see all of my flaws and mistakes 
if I could show everything about myself 
to you, 
you would’ve not been so stress out because of me, 
I didn’t mean to make you feel I was overwhelming you and stress you out 
wish I could tell you earlier 
if I show myself to you, 
you wouldn’t be that frustrated 
with me, 
show everything about myself 
is easier than not talk about it with you, 
I do love you as a person 
I want to improve myself 
before I can have you back in the future 
become my boyfriend and my husband 
in my future life. 


  • Sep 05, 2021

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