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When I was a child 
never knew everything in the adult world 
had never understood it better 
when I got to my teenage years 
I was still struggling to understand 
what is like as a teenager 
it made me felt like I was having a 
massive crush 
it’s similar to how you felt about me 
when I started a new life 
on the second day
that’s when I first met you, 
you did change my personality and my character if I haven’t met you 
I would haven’t found myself 
when you’re with me 
everything about you 
make me understand myself 
when you lived faraway 
don’t know who I am any more 
you did influence everything about myself 
your polite manner and your personality, including your character, 
did influence me 
how can I do without you? 
I’ll never know who I am as person 
if you’re not with me, 
I’ll don’t know who I am anymore 
if you’re not in my life 
ever since I met you 
everything within you 
influence me 
it will not be the same without you, 
you’re my person 
you’re my type 
without you in my life 
I will don’t know who I am any more 
you want to cut the connection 
we have been through for years 
I was your distraction
in your life 
you’re not the only one 
who felt that way 
I felt the same way as you did 
when you’re with me, 
I understand what is like for you
all of my life 
nobody didn’t help me improve, and you did improve me 
how can I let you go? 
if you’re the people who influence everything expect of my life 
and my well-being, 
we both have the same health problem as each other, its make me understand you. 
I already know you lived faraway 
 don’t want to add pressure 
something pulled me back to you again 
I can’t control it and can’t hold back 
you make me feel like I found myself 
when I was with you 
when you are gone I don’t know who I am anymore. 


  • Well done.

    Sep 04, 2021

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