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Like the winter wind
Your words keep me cold, chill,
Away from spring.

 Your kisses are icicles that pierce
 My wet salty mouth,
But keep kissing 
Until the blood becomes water
And the water turns into red spots -
Red alcohol stains.

My love is like a disease, 
It makes you sick - 
Even if you are healthy
 And you don't need new pills to live.

  My hands broke many bottles,
 My mouth spoke words that hurt my pride. 
 I light up when the fire goes out,
I woke up straight from summer to autumn -
And other fears.

  I buried my heart in a mine,
Because no one knows how to dig,
 And I don't want to be brought
 To the surface every scar I received.


  • Sep 04, 2021

  • Always a great read!!

    Sep 04, 2021

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