I'm With Lust, She's With Love Read Count : 68

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I don't do the love

But I love to fuck

Guess I'm full of lust

I can treat you right

But I can't treat you like mine

I'll be there for you when you shine

But you aren't mine

No no no

I act a fool

You always in a mood

You say I always got a attitude

When you the one being rude

But we can still do the do

I don't know why you wanna be more

I don't want more

I'm not gonna be responsible for the tears on the floor

Or your heart that tore

Even if you're someone I adore

I don't want more

I'm here to party

I'm here to pop molly

And you can't stop me

You can't cop me

No no no

This is just me

And you never seemed to call me bummy

When you fucked me

I'm classy

But if you ask me

"Let's be together"

I'll respond with never

And it's not cause of you

I just don't wanta relationship

Or the "I do"

Fuck that,

Then one day we'll look back

Have a laugh

And grab

A bottle

While we reminiscing full throttle


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