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A young adventurous clever guy.
He lives a youthful life.
He mingles with teenagers and other youthful guys.
He has a long dark hair,
Tatoo all over his skin.
He is all muscled, looking like a thug.
He usually carries a fanny pack as a way of fashion.
He has long hair, barbed in form of the 'fade' style.
He is angry looking.
He has little beards on his chin.
He is a big guy.
Big and tough looking guy.
He has a silver watch on his wrist.
He is fond of joggers and silk shirts.
A drug dealer.
Might be big but really fast,
So fast especially when it comes to running.
He's a strong guy,
So strong especially in combats.
Tony has beaten up a number of guys;
Guys who provoked him in his business.
He is so fast he has run from a number of police men.
He wears hoodie so the police don't spot his face.
He is a notorious guy,
Notorious in his drug trafficking operations.
The police have a number of files on him.
He is well known as *THE BLACK OWL*,
A name he gave to himself, 
Due to his successful night operations.
He is a Church going guy,
He goes to church not for the purpose of worshipping,
He goes for the purpose of business with those interested in his drugs.
He also goes to clubs, parties and other event centres.
These are the places he goes to for his business transactions.
His dress code for operations is a black pair of joggers, black hoodie and white singlet underneath.
These dress code caused police to arrest anyone in black joggers or black hoodie or both.
He owns a gang of boys.
His boys are currently running after a guy who shipped out of the gang a long time ago.
They're after him because he has been keeping a flash.
The flash contains the video tracks he kept on Tony during his agreement with various customers.
He and Tony had a misunderstanding which made Tony deny him a lot of privileges in the gang.
This was what led to the guy's shipping out.
The guy is currently threatening Tony to turn himself in to the police and confess his bad deeds by himself.
That, or the guy would expose Tony's secret to the whole world.
This would destroy Tony's reputation.
Tony is a well known rapper,
But the young rapper is made to confess within three months.
    (Complete the tale of the rapper)


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