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by Major Sir Adesoga Jubril Asiwaju.

Let me tell you my story, i hope you are all ears?
To pour out my mind i always have that fear.
There was a lady whose heart can't solve pretence formula, her patience can't stay.
I never showed her my love and now she went away.

I wanted to stare long at her face.
I wanted to be close to her heart place
But this feeling down inside,
the feelings I had to hide.

Since I saw her, I wanted to be more than a friend.
But I fear to woo her, this dream will soon end.
She was the first girl on which i had a crush.
To always see her, i went to school with a rush.

She was a lady with a kind of perfection
But she secretly knew my hidden intention.
Her inviting eyes sparkled just like the stars above.
Her eyes caught mine, yet she expected me to express the love.

She stood before me for long, when she was leaving i instantly look away
while my mind told me "Go after her don't let her slip away"
I wanted to tell her how I felt 
as i had walked long behind her, yet i couldn't express. What a regret!

Another semester came to land
I always think of wanting her hand.
New batches of students began to bloom.
New faces filled inside the classroom.

Now i had gotten an Antagonist.
I began to pick up a fight. What a foolish Protagonist.
She walked to me and said " The time i wanted you to be here"
"You never expressed your love to me but only love to fear"

"Yes! I am a woman, this love-shy i hate
The feelings you were unable to Obliterate
for that there will never be a me and you
you ought to be brave to woo a lady, that is the truth"

I regretted not having that emotional talk.
I regretted also for not breaking the fear's block.
I never told that lady how my feelings were.
She loved me too but my fear made her not to show that her love to me too was there.


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