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it's as beautiful as it comes
the cuddles are great
the forehead kisses 
watching favorite shows together
having to wake up beside each other 
and all this is the best feeling one can experience .

Then comes the fights or maybe distance
that the both of you become distant 
love from one side fades
loneliness the other faces
No matter how much you love them 
it doesn't matter when far apart
love is pain
you love too much that it breaks you
you hurt a lot because it's fading on the other end 
wondering what you would be like when they're completely gone
scared that it's over , you hurt more and more
and it's heartbreaking and sad .


  • Ghostly Poet

    Ghostly Poet

    Yeah, I keep asking myself this same thing. Well done.

    Jul 06, 2021

  • Jul 06, 2021

  • beaitoful, true, well thought out. bring ending more power and helpyhe flow maybe different sentence breaks or rearrange a word here and there. but youre great so lovely and i can relate so much.

    Nov 05, 2021

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