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I have love for you for a thousand lives, 
I have thoughts for you for a hundred plans.
  My arms tremble when you hug me so tight -
 That the sea moves to the shore,
 Even the mountains fall to the ground. 

 I have air in my lungs as for ten earths, 
I have greater desires than the universe
 That planned them for me 
With a long delay,
But I try to live now the way
 I always wanted to live... but I was afraid.

I'm alive, I feel more alive than my own life. 
 I'm made of emotions,
 When I'm water, I burn.

I'm made of clouds, I cover smiles.  
I'm made of ash, when the wind blows, I go far.


  • beautiful poem.... ma'am.... as always 😍

    Jul 06, 2021

  • Jul 06, 2021

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