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Trapped inside the fires of my own desire
The radiating heat taking me
My mind stopped working long ago
When you stole my heart from me

Longing for your tender touch
Your warm embrace, your caress
With all the dying days that pass
You take away my stress

From the day I met you all those years ago
I knew you were the one
To free me, save me, build me up
To shine brighter than the sun

Somewhere along the way  we fell
But never did I falter
My love for you endured my strife
and even broke the alter

I have you back now and still you possess 
A gift like no other
You took my walls and crumbled them
and fueled the fire with the rubble

So now again I sit here
In my fire of desire
Fueled by you through all these years
My soul itself wears your attire

I’ll say it now if it hasn’t been clear
I will feel this way till the day I die
Once and for all I love you dear
Forever and Always by witness of the stars in the sky.


  • Jul 07, 2021

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