Slender Man- Short Rap Read Count : 46

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Walking around the forest, finding all these pages, flashlight dimmer than the moonlight, not sure if I'll make it, slender man is creepin, always sneekin, if you take a look at him, your soul will surely be eaten... stuck in the in the woods, i lost my way, I heard a noise, turned around, oh shit it's him, now I gotta look away, and use my legs to run, or slender man will be my fate, he has no face, mabye he wants mine, if so, that ain't something imma let him take, imma find all the papers and make my escape, back to my house where i am safe, although I can't lie, it's not easy to find all 8, when slendys chasing you, tryin to kill you, and eat your soul, but also mess with your mind, being at one spot, then disappearing to another, like a ghost haunting someone until they die, I want to survive, I probably will fail, but I won't go down without a fight.


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