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I'm still shy,
And it's not a lie.
They ask me, why?
But I don't have a proper reply!

This fact, I can't deny,
That, I'm an unsocial guy.
They ask me to give it a try,
But I can't talk to them eye to eye.

I'm a man with no social ally,
Because I know, they all are a sly.
But sometimes, I look for them nearby,
Mostly then, when my pain leads me to cry!

Now, it's time to identify,
In actual, who am I?
Am I born to be a societal fly?
Or, I'm destined to chase the sky?


  • hello all, this poem is just a rhyming flow....... 😊😊😊 in this poem too, there may be some errors but now I'm trying hard to improve them 😍🙏

    Jul 05, 2021

  • Jul 06, 2021

  • Jul 08, 2021

  • It's properly worded "I'm shy," not "I'm a shy." Please work on your spelling and grammar. You have certainly improved a lot though!!

    Jul 09, 2021

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