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He walked into the room....
a vision of hard steel charm and strong aura, 
the kind of presence that was hard to miss. 
He definitely caught my eye and I found myself bewitched.... 
by his manliness, 
by his confidence, 
by the way he carried himself; 
tall and sure. 
I was captivated....
by the image, 
by the total package. 

I found myself physically affected by him almost instantly. 
I was dumbfounded. 
And I began to wonder.... 
is this love at first sight... 
Or is it a mere infatuation?

When we started talking, 
I found he was really charming. 
Almost immediately.... 
I felt something. 

What I recognised was a rare beauty. 
A precious thing, similar to a work of art. 
Like a treasure on a gallery wall; 
a painting to be seen and admired, 
and appreciated from a distance.

What I felt wasn’t love. 
Not from my first glimpse of him. 
Desire, yes. 
Strong feelings of lust, yes. 
Want and need, certainly. 
But real depth of love, no. 

That came later. 
After much careful study of examining the canvas.... 
every nuance, 
each brushstroke form, 
seeing beneath the façade, 
and finding the soul beneath the painted layers where true beauty resides.

Only after this patient study did I  discover true depth of feeling. 

And only then did I make the claim to be in love.


  • Jul 04, 2021

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