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Til' Death Do Us Part

The star that rises every morning, to greet me with a bird's song. Sweeter than a melody, and the steady ticking of the clock. What could I possibly fear? Lonliness? My eyes are torn from the bed, and not only can I smell the sweet scent of your cologne, but I can feel your warm touch against my skin. But still it sends a chill down my spine, as of last night was my first night with you that we'd been together, bounded by vows and a wedding ring. Still the clock was ticking. The sheets were layed across the bed, just as you had left them. A thought in my mind came to me, that I realized that even being by your side there has still been this lonliness creeping deep inside. Still the clock is ticking. As I take a deep breath, I look out the window, which the sun had peeked through every morning in this small room. The walls painted a dark grey, but still in the open space it felt as if I was suffocating. Still the clock is ticking. As I bring my knees up to my chest, resting my chin on my hands, I could only keep thinking that we'd lived in this house together for the past 3 years... But for some reason I feel as if I'd been forced to. Happiness? I don't see it. Feel it? I can't feel anything anymore. Still the clock is ticking. You lift your eyes for the first time to look at me. Before running your fingers through your hair, as you fake a smile and tell me "Good morning." And still the clock is ticking. We live in a rather fair home, with enough wealth to get us by. A family home, 5 rooms and 2 baths, in dreams of having children and a dog. And still the clock is ticking. Every morning that I see you in the kitchen, humming to the soft tune of the morning birds song. The same smile that lights up your face every morning even when in pain you tend to hide it. But you smile for me still the same. Still the clock is ticking. When I tell you farewell you kiss my cheek, tell me goodbye as you comb your fingers through my hair with a still and gentle tone in your voice, you tell me you love me. Still the clock is ticking. Every night I came home, my head would pound and every step I took sent pain through my body. Now how I've become to tired to eat, and tell you of my day. I feel as if you already know, as you wrap your arms around me, and greet me with a hug. Telling me of your day and how you kept thinking of me. Still the clock is ticking. In the end you care for me. Make dinner as always, and before you lay in the bed you kiss me goodnight, holding my hand tightly as you drift to sleep. And the clock is still ticking. The next sun that rises, had I forgotten how much I have asked myself if your love was true... But I was too blind to see it. Had I listened to the long silence of the room, and spent my days doubting you. When you'd say you love me, I'd never reply, but smile faintly and nod my head. The morning this time had been very cold, and I move against you to be embraced by your warm touch. But yet your body is cold. The morning bird begins to sing and the sun wishes us morning, but yet you never open your eyes. The steady beating of your heart weighs on me, but then the clock no longer sounds. Your last breath came cold and silent, and I shook you- Wake up.... Wake up.. - But still you wouldn't wake. And the clock is no longer ticking. Time had seemed to stop, and the birds stop singing, the sun stops rising and the room falls dark... The clock is no longer ticking. The days that go by have I never gone through one without thinking of you, and how my mind takes me back to a time when I never said I loved you back. I love you now but now you're gone. And the clock is no longer ticking. I see your face in the clouds, and hear your voice in the wind. The way you sung sweet lullabies and how the world feels so cold now that you're not here... How can I live now that you're gone. The stone beneath you lie, only leaves scars and your name comes to me like bullets. How it hurts to hear my cry and at this time I wish that you were here to comfort me. But no longer is the clock ticking... 


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