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If you look through my eyes;

You'll see I'm insane,

I raised

From my demise,

And that I don't play

Into the lies

They all wanna cry,

Knowing me

Will get you to the hell gates,

As we be smoking weed,

Looking at me you can tell hate,

I'm in a cage

Full of hate

Filled full of decay,

And today

Is just another day filled of hate,

I can hear my demons 'round

Me say

My name,

And it's so loud

Calling out

For me,

Listing all my flaws and stories

I can't stand it,

I can't understand it,

I hate all the naggin',

Now I'm not braggin'

when I say I got depression;

And I don't get why I'd be messin'

When in reality I'm stressin',

I swear I hate who I am,

I don't give a damn,

I wish I could give a damn,

But this is who I am,

Always drinking out the can,


Is always the same

and I pretend to be okay,

When it's like I'm burning in flames

In a box with chains,

I look in the mirror

Stare into my eyes

And fear

The man I became,

Evil thoughts, no fucks to give, and spewing lies,

Can't even shed a tear,

Can't even cry,

Can't think about my peers;

Only about my myself; ain't that lame

I don't even know,

Used to be filled with love

Then I noticed I don't

Need no bros

And then I noticed when you're cold

Or at your low


Who claim to be there never show,

And to be honest I've had enough

Of all the duds,

I can't trust,

I can't love,

Maybe I'm just

not enough,

But imma shine,

Was taught to pick myself up and climb

Those obstacles that were set so high,

And this is just a percent of my mind,

Why can't we treat

Everybody the same,

And not just being mean

But fuck it do as you wish and take it to the grave,

Don't get me wrong I've made some mistakes,

And I'm filled will so much hate,

But as men we gotta pick ourselves up and try to make

Some type of change,

So raise

Your hand

And make a stand


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