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Hello, reaper

Is it my time to come to you yet?,

I'm a dreamer

Saw my death,

So why hasn't my time come?,

I still have work that's not done?,

Nah death, I'm not the one,

"You're already dead inside, try to love",

Aye death, c'mon I'd had enough


Fake friends, Fake bitches, and fake love

"So, what?

Pick yourself up

And try again, the fuck",

I've tried

And tried,

So why cry

Or bitch and moan

When you know

Love is one sided,

Someone always lyin',

So reaper, death, I'm comin',

Tired of runnin',

Always wished to feel somethin',

Got so many reasons

Why I should summon

All my demons,

"Hey man, I know you feel down

But listen to the sounds

Coming out

My mouth

You gotta take the good with the bad

And you gotta take the joy with the mad

It's not your time,

So give it some time

And maybe just maybe you'll be fine,

I understand it's a mess in your mind

And you'd be lyin'

If you said you wanna stay,

But when there's a way

There's a solution,

So start groovin'

That you're still here

You know how many men fear

Being six feet deep

But don't weep

Cause one day I'll be back,

And you'll have had

A fulfilled life and we'll have a laugh

As I take you to a better place

And you'll finally feel okay"

Now I understand

That being a man

Is more than trying to understand;

But to be there

For the ones you care


And more,

For em I'd protect

I'd go to hell

And back

Just to see em glad,

I still got some shit to do

So imma stay here for that

And that's true,


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