I Love You.. Read Count : 55

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 I know its love when I am with you..
 I know its love that I can see All the way..
You make me feel so special in every way..
 I know its love when you are around
I can feel the passion that surrounds..

 Your love is my life...
 I can see Of everything, that makes me happy...
I know its love when I wish to be With you...
My love is true and it will never change...
I am only in love with you...
I love you so much! 



  • Well done. If I could rate, it'd be five stars.

    Jul 03, 2021

  • Feyi Ogunmokun

    Feyi Ogunmokun

    Aww you're so romantic she's so lucky to have you

    Jul 04, 2021

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