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What love means?
I don't think i know. To sing that praises that makes One's life glow?
Or that venomous thoughts that drag one so low?

What's it?
I need to know! Is it that desperation that denies one any chance to say NO
Or that deception that make one's heart to knotow?

What is it?
I dont really know. Is it that subconscious as they sing in the song of soul? Or that which illusively makes one to cry, Lavishly, of joy or pain?
What's it?

How does it even look? Is it blue, purple or red? Is it that arrow that when shot at you, your chances of escafe are so narrow. Or that sword that slain with no drowning blood. Or rather that wind with it's omnipotent sway that sways everything that stands on its way?

Whatever is it...
 A feeling, imagination, dream, wealth, fame,  pain or  joy,
It's left for the victims to decide their faight.

For me, my heart is barred, and all it passion strains like a tiger in a leash.
I know not what can change my thoughts Nor what's it, i wish.

What love means?
I ain't claiming to know, may be i shall say; love is, painfully, a senseless waste 
of one's both sense and soul.


  • Jul 02, 2021

  • Jul 30, 2021

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