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Used to live with mom, always loved my room 

Posters on the walls, just not to feel alone... 

Moved out, to an empty house, empty as my soul was 

But then you came along and i started loving mornings, 

You had me there into your arms, never letting me go,

Not letting me move even an inch, pulling me closer...

Ever so close, forever safe in your embrace.

Waking up with you next to me was just perfect, love, 

Your smile, my ruffled hair, your laughter...

A morning kiss, what more could i've asked for? 

I love that you became my very first thought, 

I love that you are the voice i hear before falling asleep,

I wake up and we keep going on, i love it,

Yet i dream about that morning when i'll wake up knowing you'll never leave my side again,

I dream about a house that's ours, i'm picturing it all,

All the things we'll do, all the things you've told me, love...

I dream about you, little one.

I miss falling asleep resting my head against your chest,

I miss waking up just the same way...


  • Jul 02, 2021

  • Jul 02, 2021

  • Jul 02, 2021

  • Jul 02, 2021

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