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It's been four days since i left your side, love...

I wish i could make time stand still when we're toghether,

And wish... i could make time fly when you're away...

I let my fingers run over your forehead, love, trying to memorize your every line...

But at the same time, it's like i'm trying to read your mind...

I gaze at your hair strands, their like chocolate, in the sunlight...

I shift my gaze towards our hands, you're holding me so tight.

I leave with sorrow, i hate taking even one step away from you...

I'd turn around that car, and run back into your arms, pressing my head onto your chest

There's the one place i have found rest.

I feel your kiss lingering on my lips,

I feel your hands around my hips,

I feel you on my skin even if you're not next to me.

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  • Jul 01, 2021

  • Jul 02, 2021

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