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Everything around us is made whole by two parts, 
The moon as we know it 
Rises and falls
Giving day to the sun 
Which follows the same

Whether a process as such or a compliment in form
These wonder exist not without the other
As the beach would not exist
Had the ocean not met the sand

The seasons themselves complete each other
Spring and Summers beauty could not exist
Where Autumn and Winter did not
As they allow the wheel to turn
The cycle to continue
Of life and death

The most painful of the relationships
Some see as a beautiful lie
Versus an ugly truth
But few see the courting between them
As they are married to each other

This world is full of examples like these
All you have to do is look around
Close your eyes
Take a breath
And look 

To the sun and moon
And their cycles anew
The ocean and sand
And the beach they create together
The seasons of rebirth
And the beauty of life and death

And then
Only then
Can you see
The beauty of the complementing halfs
Of you
And me


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