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In this LIFE we all will go through changes. Truth is; some are easy and some are difficult.  It's  during the difficult moments in our lives that often define our character.  As a woman that has endured humiliation, persecution, shame, hurt and disappointments I learned to lean on Jesus. Man tried every avenue to aid me but with much failure.  It seemed as if everyone had their hands in it but the more hands got into building; the worst off the problem got.
  ☆Fasting and prayer☆
 The Lord spoke to me to fast and pray.  To seek only His counsel.  Why His counseling??? Unlike man He knows what's  best for me and has no hidden agendas or motives. He is the only one who could bring me out of the storm into my rightful seat of authority. Which is seated in Christ Jesus. Beloved because He reigns; I too can reign. 1Peter 2:24>THE SCRIPTURE I WAS GIVEN. My daily confession was, "According to 1 Peter 2:24 Jesus became a cross on the cross at calvary. Because He broke the curse; healing flows through every cell, blood vessels,  arteries, and organs in my body. I make a demand on my body to function as Jesus created it to. Therfore by His Stripes I AM healed.   This is to encourage anyone going through. No matter what it looks like or what the doctor says. Jesus has the final say so, and if He says Yes THAT SETTLES it. 
▪︎Prayer: Father we thank You for this day. You alone are God and we acknowledge You as Lord of our lives. We receive You with all readiness of mind, spirit,  body and soul. Forgive us of our sins of omission and comission. For there is no condemnation in YOU.  Sin, sickness nor disease shall not Lord itself OVER us. Therfore We release all bitterness,  malice, hurt, shame and confusion. We surrender whatever sickness or disease to You and render it null and avoid in the name of Jesus. You came that we may Have LIFE and life more abundantly. We receive healing and total RESTORATION in every area of our lives. We speak to every wilderness to become a watered oasis right now in Jesus name. We thank YOU for the increase, healing and peace that surpasses all understanding in Jesus name we pray.  Amen.


  • Jun 28, 2021

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