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Being lonely is not funny, not at all. You feel hated like no one cares and no one is willing to listen. I know what it's like. It like hell on earth, the emptiness is stubborn deep inside. Let it go..

You may have too many thought in mind, do you mjnd to find a way to unwind? Could you imagine havin someone by your side to wisper right into your ears;

" C'mon my dear relax and sleep. Sleep well and forget all the pain. Every thing gonna be alright. Through all the storms,  you have me by your side now, and forever" this would have quenched the inferno burning deep inside. It says , someone cares!

You may think your life is useless with no reason to stay. If that be, I'm sorry if i say, your soul is , by manipulative thoughts, slain. You thought you had wasted your life, your time and your effort all in vain? It is not true. Let it go...

Beclouded by agony from your past memory, your heart is been enslaved. Writewash that tyranny and with gratitude, in this colony reclaim your happy-space. Start afresh, a life void of disgrace.

NMS's thought 


  • Jun 27, 2021

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