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 Sick Building Syndrome  may become quite dangerous and cause more severe issues than just a stuffy nose. Statistics show that employees in Toronto, Ontario miss about 14 million working days a year because of asthma, which very often arises because of polluted indoor air.

More than that there were identified some other figures:
1.	Companies loose almost 60 billion dollars in productivity because of poor indoor air quality. 
2.	Sick Building Syndrome affects employees’ efficiency and productivity at their workplace, which of course, becomes a major loss for bosses in Canada. Combating sick building symptoms thorough regular HVAC cleaning and maintenance can lead to productivity gains (up to $10-30 billion), improve indoor air quality, and provide the employees with happier and healthier time at their workplace. 

How can Duct Cleaning help?

The best and durable solution to prevent and combat Sick Building Syndrome is to make sure the ventilation system is maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Here professional Sem’s duct cleaning comes to the rescue. 

 Sem’s Duct Cleaning in Toronto & GTA  follows high standard procedures when it comes to air duct cleaning and customer support. With years of experience, continuing professional development, and certification of HVAC system cleaning, you can stay calm and rest assured that we will do a full examination and a proper plan of action to prevent the spread of allergens and will lessen the Sick Building Syndrome symptoms that employees may experience.


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