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No matter how often you  clean and sanitize your place in Toronto  , sometimes it’s impossible to avoid the circulation of illnesses indoors. Sickness can arise from time to time, but what if you feel unwell every day while at workplace? There is a possibility that the air inside the building is the cause of unpleasant symptoms for you and your colleagues. Nowadays, every fourth building can be classified as a “sick building” and the result of this can be more dangerous than you imagine.

What do we understand by a “Sick Building Syndrome”?

By  Sick Building  we understand the situation when employees have a steady increase in diseases occurring during their long term stay inside the building and no disease can be diagnosed. Employees can be absolutely healthy but get certain symptoms and side effects including:
•	Irritated eyes
•	Coughing
•	Headaches
•	Lack of energy and concentration

The severity and signs of Sick Building can vary depending on employee’s sensitivity to airborne allergens. Polluted indoor air can affect people slowly causing more serious diseases with time. 


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