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Who are you God.
Who are you huh?

They say you are the protector,are you the protector?no for me your more than the protector
They say you are holy,are you holy?no for me your more than holy.
They say you are king,are you king God?no for me your more than king.
They say you are the provider are you the provider God?no Father you are more than the provider.
God they say you are great,are you great huh?no no no no for me you are more than great,you are more than greater
Maybe you didn't hear me I say your more than the greatest.

So who are you God?who are you who created heavens & the earth
Who are you who created sleep but never sleeps
Who are you who created man and all these things we see on earth
Who are you Father
Father who are you

They say you are big no I disagree, you are more than bigger,you are more than biggest
So tell me who you really are 'cos for me there's no word that describe who you are


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