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We all are in this world, this life, but strangers. We all come with a stipulated time to vacate. The time may varies, but we leave with no coming back.

We came poor with nothing, not even a hat. And, that's how each gonna leave without nothing of all the humongous wealth accumulated while on earth.

So frightening  at the verge of leaving, we will be only clothed with a sleeveless white shroud, it doesn't matter you are rich or poor.

We are gonna be put into that tiny hole called grave, deep into the ground whence even the bravest of all on earth turns out to be earthworms' food. It is surprising, what do we got to do with our egos and all sort of foolish pride!

Dear all, we should learn to respect our presence and make it worthwhile. Let's live to remember ourselves in a priceless smile. Nobody gonna live forever. What matters is  how we enjoy the little moment shared? What do you got to loose if you do to others but what's kind?!

I'm opportuned to have my life with me as i am writing this down, but i ain't sure of it till i finish. May be, just maybe, i may have another hour(s), day(s), month(s), year(s) or rather a decade(s) to look upon you and say 'HI' , who knows?

What is the most important aspect of life, to ponder on, is  What i do with this opportunity before it expired. Al'afasey had it right in his Arabic poem titled 'Laysal Garib' where he says " A stranger is not a stranger because of his nationality ( Sham and Yaman) but he is a stranger because of his Grave and Shroud" 

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