Gratitude To Friends Read Count : 57

Category : Poems

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I am very grateful 
For Your helping hand 
You've made my memory
Filled with joy and happiness
You made me realise my dream
You made me grow again and again
You took me out of my miserable life
You're the only one who cheered me
When I was breaking down
You're the last person
I can hold into
If I find a place without loneliness
Come there with me
Even if it looks different from yesterday
Who can I blame
Maybe everyone in the world have a scary dream
Now, I ain't afraid of anything
Because I have you
Even in a crowded place
I can laugh without fear
I am very lucky
To have you as my friend
Thank you for entering into my life


  • Jun 24, 2021

  • Jun 25, 2021

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