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I Just Want To Die

I know I write of darker things,

Of anger, despair and pain.

And often I do question,

If it's all in vain.

Many folks seem afraid,

That I seek suicide.

And truth be told, my friends,

Yes, I want to die.

But not a death in the physical sense,

No, in that I want to live.

The death I seek is of my pain,

Of my torment and my darkness.

Yes it's true, I've grown quite cold,

And that is something 

I no longer want to hold.

I want to see the sunshine,

Shine upon this existential plane.

I want to see the blue sky,

And feel the joy of loves warm flames.

I want to be encased in happiness, 

Cocooned inside of love,

To be respected for my works,

To be welcomed by those above.

So, yes my friends, I want to die

And shed off all this strife.

So I can rise again

And begin a brand new life.



  • Jun 23, 2021

  • Sir, I like most the rhymes and silent rhythms of this 'Ode' (I Just Want To Die) I really enjoy a poet in you that spirit wishes to reborn in new form, even you may live in cocoon - very great imagination and insight you have like a Phoenix who rises from the ashes. Soul is immortal and reincarnation takes place in the cycle of Karma and you have got a nice poetic imagination.

    Jul 22, 2021

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