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 I open my eyes not sure where I am, my hands are tied behind my back and it’s pitch black all around. Music is blasting some 90’s popular rock song I don’t know. All of a sudden I’m slammed up against the side of the trunk as the driver slams on the brakes. The car door slams shut and the trunk opens, a man about six feet tall, with black straigh hair, blue eyes, a red button up shirt, and black skinny jeans. He stares down at me. “Good morning sleepy head” he says as he chuckes. Then he puts a cloth over my face, I try to squirm away from him but immediately pass out. 
 I awaken again and am tied up in a chair and there are other people tied up as well in chairs beside me. There are six of us total all with our mouths still covered with the same cloth from earlier. The man with the red button up shirt shows up again. “Isn’t it such a wonderful day, my loves?” He runs his hands slowly and softly down one of the girls necks. 
 “Don’t you all love where I’ve taken you? This is called Styx, does anyone know Greek mythology and what Styx is exactly? ”
Silence. . . “ that’s what I thought well it’s a river that disintegrates anyone who touched it, you see the river is really underground and we are right above it, so who wants to volunteer to go swim in the river .”
We all stare at him with blain faces, none of us truly believes him or at least I don’t. So I decide to volunteer, I take a deep breath and calmly say “I volunteer.” He comes over to me and unties me and as he does I kick his ankles and he falls to the grounds, I grab the rope but he pushes me to the ground and I drop the rope. As the man comes up to me and punches me hard, behind him one of the others tied up have gotten untied is a holding a knife, and he runs toward the man. But as he goes to stab the man moves to grab the rope and I feel a sharp pain in my chest as the kinfe stand into me, I gasp and she tries to pull it out but the man pushes her down and stabs me to death. 


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