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End of the relationship 
think of me as a friend 
pain in the heart 
tell few of your best friends 
about, what was happening 
didn’t communicate with me 
listen to your complaint about me 
not willing open up everything 
keep it a secret not with me, 
it’s hurt me being your friend 
if you are not willing share everything 
to me 
hear what you say to somebody, 
think of me only as a friend 
told our friends about 
what I did to you, 
you are not try to communicate 
with me
emotionally close off from me 
don’t want to bring up 
same topic again
you don’t trust me enough 
want to be touched by me 
but, I have emotional connection 
with you, but 
I only your friend 
if you consider me, 
as a close friend. 
You are not willing 
to treat me like one 
of your best friends. 
Never bring up 
any topic that relate to us, 
but I can remember 
many memories I had with you, 
do you think it is easy for me just forget it? 
Is hard for me to stay cool and talk to 
you like, we first met each other 
I can try it is can be hard for me 
without you being my boyfriend 
can think of many scenarios, 
what happened next 
after you settle in your comfortable 
new houses, 
my anxiety is getting worse 
have circle under my eyes 
what is going on with me? 
Can’t have another life without you
still unsure coming back to me again 
make my stress level high 
why are you given me a hard time? 
If you're not telling me anything 
already know what is going on 
the truth why you broke up with me
no secret you are hiding from me 
know everything is going on 
nobody told me about it, 
figure it out myself 
without anybody telling me. 
Can understand your emotional pain 
when you were with me 
been through the same as you, 
in my teenage years 
felt the same as you do 
when come to traumatizing events 
can feel exact emotion as you do in social situation, 
care deeply about you 
can fill the hole in your heart 
I have affective empathy toward you, 
only consider me as a friend 
hurt me not to see me as more than a friend, 
but I can understand and know everything 
about you. 






  • Jun 21, 2021

  • Jun 21, 2021

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