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I've always been big
But NEVER lonely
Nickname is pig
Your boys want to bone me

If you don't want me
Then leave
You fucking with a pet peeve

Talking down on another
Cause he with a bbw 
Nigga covering for your brother
Ain't SURPRISED you still love her

Go back to your ex
NIGGA leave me alone 
Steady hollering who's next
I don't have to bug YOUR phone

You use to dick me down
Now you busy sleeping
Not this time around
Especially when you've been creeping 

I'm done playing dumb
About your secret love affair
Nigga when was the last time you made me cum...hell yea.. I went there

I got to beg you for dick 
When I've been faithful
Nigga you ain't slick
Bitch you didn't make her

She volunteered for these HANDS
Because I'm coming through
But you were never a man
That's for damn sure 

YOU cheated yourself
STEPPING out on me
Might as well be on a cleft
Im'ma set YOU free

I love ME
True to self
That's how it's going to be
And nothing else 


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