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In the dark forest of Madagascar,
A chase's going on.
A tiny beetle is running,
Trying to escape from a chameleon.

The chase didn't last too long,
And chameleon caught that beetle.
But, a hiss from the bushes,
Started another trail.

This time, that chameleon's escaping,
A black snake's chasing it.
This trail also came to an end,
And the snake dragged that chameleon in its pit.

That snake was enjoying its meal,
But soon, a challenger challenged.
That challenger was a mongoose,
And the scenario turned into a feud.

Challenger won that feud,
And got its lunch for that day.
Now it's time to enjoy the meal,
But wait! A wild boar is obstructing its way.

Again the same scenario,
A prey and its predator.
Again the chase started,
But this time a new winner.

The happiness of that win,
Soon turned into another run.
Now predator converted into a prey,
And getting chased by the lion.

The lion caught that boar in a blink,
Chase ended for tonight.
The wildlife is preparing itself,
For tommorrow's another survival fight...


  • hello everyone, this poem is inspired by a wildlife documentary,in which they shows the truth of wild that a moment you're the predator and the next moment you're a prey... well, this is the law of wild... in this poem too, there may be some errors but now I'm trying them to improve 😍🙏

    Jun 20, 2021

  • Jun 21, 2021

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