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It all makes perfect sense now. The ghosting, the sudden hang ups, the no time for me. What makes sense the most is the out of place accusations. A guilty heart will always make a person paranoid. I used to be that guilty person in my 20s. If this was the first time it would be diffrent but this makes 3 times in a year. Instead of being a man and explaining or being honest. U try to twist ir.u to blame me giving my number out while we were split or u cheated on me in texas. But i was grown enough to be honest. Even tho i didnt even owe u that to even know. The other diffrence is i dont keep it up to even know the person. If what u said was true u would have let  seen ur phone.ti read it all .  I felt this in my heart all along. I gave u my all. I paid for u to take. Me to the city . I shared my vacation wity u and paid for it all. I bought ur perfume and weed . I dont refret it cause i was a good person. Youre not. U a 45 year old actng 16. So if u wondering after u left my house why i no longer exist in ur world think about alo this. Im to grown to hang around and argue about why ur a hoe. I loved u. She can have all of u now tho . It makes me sick to even see u on my bed.you will not keep abusing me menatlally or physically. I. Have no more forgivnsss left in my heart


  • Jun 20, 2021

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