I Will Win Read Count : 46

Category : Poems

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A game of need

My mission is to win

Every decision it takes, I crave to lead

I really don't care the least

My eyes seeks the peak

As far as the horizon

Cowardice chicks gets flipped in the wind

Want to know why the world spins

I guess the urge for time is the fame 

Playing puzzles helps me to wonder

Finding answers I never care about

Told lies I was not prepared to accept

Cheated many times, a challenge I couldn't defend

The warbling of the geese keeps me awake

Striking stars forming edges in secrets

The fowls will gather when the wind begins

My nights lives longer listening to fairytales

Dying days with no joy but fumbles

Victory I seek defeat I see

Countless tries, on hoping arms I stand

The worth is not pleasure, the goal is a treasure

A day soon will come, in the sky I will make my bed.


  • Jun 20, 2021

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