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I take off my socks and lay on my cot 
My head hits the comforting pillow taking all my worries away
I relax my body as if am floating 
on top of water 
taking calm deep breaths 
to keep myself a float.

I grab my fuzzy blanket and 
place it over my body
and immediately feel as if all 
the bad energy is being pushed 
out, away from my body 
and all that remains is 
the warm blanket over me 
and the steady best of my heart.

* Boom Boom*
*Boom Boom*
*Boom Boom* 

I close my eyes 
and focus my breath 
then I slowly start to 
fall asleep as smooth as
the transition of the 

I start to dream, 
and the night takes 
me away to faraway places 
But before I know it my 
alarm is going off 
waking me 
for my 


  • Jun 20, 2021

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