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The warm sun beats down on my neck as I continue walking on the worn out Highway. There’s no critters out here for miles,because there’s not a drop of water anywhere, the dirt is dusty dry. Only one car has passed by me in the last three hours. But when I put my thumb out the old scumbag in his Ford pick up flipped me the bird and sped past me.

As I continue on, up ahead I see a rattlesnake laying in the middle of the road soaking up the sun, I cross to the other side to keep my distance. I glance behind me and see a red mustang speeding my way. I stick out my thumb as the car gets nearer. The mustang slows down and stops right in front of the rattlesnake, the driver rolls down the window and smoke pours out, the lady has blonde curly hair to her shoulders, red ruby lips, a pair of aviators on, and a fat joint in her right hand. She looks me up and down, seductively smiles and says; “where’ ya headed baby?”

 I try to keep my cool even though there’s beads of sweat trickling down the back of my neck. I awkwardly smile back at her and reply; “As far as you can take me.”
“Okay hot stuff get in the car.”
 I scramble to the passengers side, a million thoughts about this mysterious, sexy woman. I get in, close the door and put my seat belt on. She watches my every move and as soon as I’m buckled, she puts the car into gear.  I hear the Kaa Thunk of the snake being smashed as she pressed the gas, instantly going from 0-40 miles per hour. 

She speeds up till she’s going about 75 then she puts cruise control on, puts the fat joint between her lips, takes a hit, and offers it to me. I hesitate for a moment..“Ehhh, no thanks.”

 She looks at me and says; “Why not? Don’t you know what this is? Did they have cannabis where you’re from, you know Mary Jane, marijuana?” 
 “Well they did. . . But I’ve never done it.”
 She sighs and takes another hit. Then she smiles a little bit and passed me the joint, as she says , “don’t be such a pussy.”

 Hesitantly I take it, “Okay” she says. “Now just put it in between your lips, suck in till you can’t take it, hold it, and let it out.” 
 I do exactly as she says, but as I exhale immediately start coughing. She giggles and I pass the joint back to her.

 “So where are you from, Love?”
“Well, I’m from Jacpot, basically a deserted town in the middle of the desert with a population of about 150 people, I’d that.” 

“Wow…that sucks, and where are you going?”
I chuckle, and find it odd for a second… she’s so interested in my story. Then I say “Well, I ran away because living in that town just about drove me crazy. I needed to get away. Plus, I have nothing there. My parents both got into a car accident. It was a hit and run and they died, so I was stuck living and growing up with my grandma.
 She looks at me concerned; “I’m so sorry baby,” she says as she moves one of her hands to my thighs and gently moves it up and down. I try to focus on the road ahead of us but her touch is mesmerizing. Then I hear sirens behind us. 

 “Shit,” she says and puts both hand on the wheel, while speeding up. 

“What’re you doing?!” I try to ask calmly.
 “Well, I’m a criminal who is on the loose, a murderer. I tortured and beat my ex until he couldn’t move. I stabbed him in 27 times in the chest and then slit his throat open, and left him.” 

 She shifts gears, speeds up, then looks at me, and chuckles as her eyes stay glued to the road before her.


  • Jun 20, 2021

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