He Never Cared Read Count : 80

Category : Poems

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I really don't understand 
How stupid some can be
I'm not blind dating a man
This isn't the A.D. century

You can't pimp me out
And I'm done being used
Money is what you're about
Bitch you have me confused 

Any time a man walks away
And marries another
 Nigga just stay
You ain't hurting me no further 

So why cling on
When you were here you didn't stay
Like a dog on a bone
Trying to bury me in red clay

I'm done being last
Shit you should've put me first
You are apart of my past
I've quenched that thirst

Been moved on
Nigga let go
Shit you done me wrong
Now you want more 

In it for the money
You never gave a damn
Now this shit is funny 
You trying to run scam


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