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I try to control my emotions but I can’t. I’m suffering everyday, it feels as if every time I inhale I am drowning over and over again. time after time it has pushed me to far, life in general everything is not okay and I want to constantly give up.
I scream at the top of my lungs in the woods where no a soul will hear me. There is no one no one cares, I just sit there crying, frustrated, alone, tortured with living day after day. 
That’s why I’m all by myself because I’m trying to sort it out but everything just only gets worse never better. 
 I clench the rope in my hands the rope I planned to end my life, just like last year the drugs in the medicine cabinet and booze I’d tried to overdose on as well. But I’m still here sitting in the forest all alone pondering death day after day, just thinking how much better the world would be without me. 

It’s not selfish it’s suicide. 


  • suicide isn't a solution for anything... one must try to overcome its fear, stress and troubles... everyone is suffering with their own prblms. but only they are strong who take it as a challenge and fight against it to come out victorious... so be a fighter and enjoy the nature's wonderful gift (your beautiful life )😊😊😊

    Jun 20, 2021

  • Calorina Montero

    Calorina Montero


    Jun 21, 2021

  • i wish you a very good health . stay safe and take care

    Jun 25, 2021

  • Annalecia Dodson

    Annalecia Dodson

    Ya, what they said, suicide is never the answer.

    Aug 21, 2021

  • md.nayon  Ali

    Md.nayon Ali


    Sep 15, 2021

  • Sep 26, 2021

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