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Casted to the blinding light of loves entitlement,

Contrasted my spirits grinding,
A forbearance of enlightenment, 

Lost and abound,
Hoping another healing heart was found,

Pulled in, the mind pushed apart, 
Caving in, my essence will depart
Scarred inside, dying bleeding heart,
Ripped inside, old wounds restart,

Misery has accompanied my spirit from the beginning,
Stealing my life blood as the world is spinning,
Bearing the golden seal made me prey to evils bidding,
The grinning is thinning any chance of winning,
Every inning was an imprinting upon my mental skinning,

But my aim is true, 
Cherishing love as revenue,
Coming inside on cue, 
Supporting her point of view,
Regardless of lies construed, 
Emphasizing beliefs of us two,
Under the bus she threw, under a few,
Now I'm black and blue,
without a heart,
within two,
As the tears withdrew, 
my spirits confused,
The minds been chewed, 
The wilting heart is now see through,

The damage is done,
Now that I'm down to one, 
Every strand of me left is about to be undone,
Crawling out from a colossal web that she had spun,
Awaiting my demise, reminiscing at how it all begun,

To find by answers to all these emotional cancers,
Escaping to the ocean with my two little dancers,

The world has me strangled, for the light cannot come in at any angle,
The devil has infiltrated my heart, wrecked and forever mangled,

How can anyone possess the strength to carry this stress,
How can I give my best and still fail life's test, 

Under the sun holding hands with the moon,
Weather's clear, but in my mind is amidst a monsoon,
The wind slowly blowing against this love so impugn,
Barely standing before these waves of an impeding doom,
Surrounded by cheer, inside I'm drenched in fear, a mental typhoon,
Floating in life for this target is waiting to be harpooned,
Feeling the water at my feet, while I'm wandering a dune,
Two places at once, but unable to commune,
I'll be nowhere until the sky's maroon,

Perched upon the loneliest rock, surrounded feeling every shock,
Each wave passes by and won't stop,
Within my head staring at the clock,
Pixelated memories that I can't unlock,
Waves retreating, 
Reminding me of the aftershock,
As the waves comes back,
In quicksand deadlocked,
It's here I threw out the key,
No one will ever be able to unlock,
This heart with a padlock,

The ocean can drown you in it's roar, 
Reaching all the way into your core,
Reminding you of who you once were before,
The tide returns, pulling you away from the shore,
Standing firm, fighting the agony forever more,
As another wave advances, the feelings pour,
I'm deadlocked into the abyss, the wild albacore,
Wondering if I can stay put, if I can win this war,
Wondering if this Cathartic Ascension could be my French doors,
To a better life, where I can finally spread my wings and soar.


  • Jun 20, 2021

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