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I called to you but no answer

I scream, cry out, but your ears are plugged with programming

I send you little notes of words, chimes, people, butterflies in your belly

But your eyes are blind with indulgence and sufferance

Put your gun down, end this Russian roulette you play with ignorant fear

Your heart beats, it beats for me, I give it it's thump!

But you do not budge

you think it beats for him, for her, for that drug, that tangible thing, place, relationship?

No! Your heart beats for what you cannot see physically 

You are plagued with amnesia

I try to wake you, to make you remember but you bet on distraction!

Distraction that is not meant for you, it is made for the underlords fool!

This letter is no use for you will perceive it to be a demand, a stipulation....

Oh you defiant creature.

Your perception of impossible is what you believe me to be...

When you perceive it possible, is when you will see me!

Your life's purpose, remember me.

I am what will set you free

What you are meant to bring to the world , what you are meant to be

I try so hard, you hardly see me

I am part of you, I can open doors within you, and within others, through you

All you see is the surface 

but underneath It All is me...

And you, the true you

Your higher-self & me.. your fullest potential, your life's purpose

Remember me.


  • Jun 18, 2021

  • Jun 18, 2021

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