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Go right ahead
Put your foot in your mouth
Nigga I ain't  dead
But you really foul

I'll keep it short
Straight to the point
My assignment I'll never abort
You checking me? Confront?

You can't get mad 
When I was left
Holding the fucking bag
With nothing else

Didn't see a way out
Didn't know my left from my right
But I see what you're about
Nigga had me in fright

Was scared to go to sleep 
Was up fighting witches
I was counting sheep
While you were with other BITCHES 

But I'm going to overcome
Everything you put me through
You finally realized I'm the one
That's the real truth

Be careful how you HANDLE ME
I'm not just your baby's mother
The rib in your side can you see?
While YOU looking at another

If you hurt me
You hurting youself
Just let me be
YOU ain't deaf

Might not be what you want
But God gave you what you need
I'm not a ghost so I can't haunt
But I'm here indeed

You heard me the first time
Stop being selfish
To early to be speaking my mind 
Singing the blues like Elvis 


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