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Wait a minute.....
You talking about karma
But bitch you left me
Never been a stunna
But I'm the queen bee

You played your games
You tore down my name
Tried to put ME to shame
All because of fame

After 15yrs
Still no ring
Nothing but tears
Heartache and pain

Nigga we can set it off
I'll burn your shit down
Fighting back at all cost
That's how I get down

I'm Not really violent 
But don't take me there
No longer remaining silent
Nigga you didn't care

Love always shows
Hate even stronger
Saw you with many hoes
As your friends boned her

Don't get mad at me
When I'm done waiting 
I'm doing you like YOU DONE me
Ain't no perpetrating 


  • Jun 18, 2021

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