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The truth will get you hurt
When you caught all up in feelings
You need to stay alert
In this life that we're living

People want to run game
Playing alone from the start
So must dirt on my name
That shit made me a superstar 

I have a lot of flaws
I don't trust bitches easy
I'll hit you with the paws
When you treat me sleazy 

Talk to me nasty and dirty
But sexy as hell
Ain't looking for nothing sturdy
I ain't trying to go to jail

My hearts BEEN broken
Beyond repair
Loud we smoking
Please don't take me there

I can't let you in
Keeping them feelings out
Good ass friends 
I ain't chasing clout

We gon' keep right there
I'm not going no further 
I can be your worst nightmare 
Or a friend closer than any brother 


  • Jun 17, 2021

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